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DV Radio [Network] is for the Veteran, Active Duty, Guard and Reserve memebers to listen to 24/7 music and REAL Veteran hosts speak on a variety of growing shows with "barracks talk", news that pertains to veterans and the military. All filled with military humor and always able to lean on a brother/sister when they need to talk, cry, or just joke around. The chat-room is open 24/7 on the radio website as well!

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DV Radio is for our fellow brothers & sisters and it's all free-of-charge; for listeners, guests, and our shows! We do everything in-house from mixing and recording ads and shows. To the website and all you get from us. We love promoting Veteran Owned BUsinesses and highlighting those in the Veteran Community. If you would like to continue to hear what we bring to you and have even more in the future, please click the "DONATE" button now to help!

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NOTE: When a show is not scheduled there will be music playing 24/7. "Barracks Party"" is NEVER a scheduled show and will be announced on our Facebook page and the homepage. For any questions, comments, and/or concerns e-mail us at

**The views and opinions expressed by a show and its guests are strictly those of said individuals and do not reflect those of the DV Radio, LLC staff nor the staff of Dysfunctional Veterans.

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